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As you can imagine, after 25 years there are a lot of stories, menus, long-lived favorites and ‘whatever happened to…’ moments at Lindey’s. 
Over time the reviews we’ve received, from critics, friends and now the great wide web, all reference the enduring quality of spending time and dining at Lindey’s.  We hope you’ll enjoy these comments as we do and look forward to seeing you at our table very soon.


Media & Bloggers

A Recipe for Romance
from (614) Magazine
Imagine the look on your date's face when you uncover a succulent duck breast, perched on a firm polenta cake. Multiply that effect by a factor of roughly 16.8 when you reveal three decadent kinds of creme brulee for dessert, no torch required. Read More...

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Guest Reviews

Our favorite outdoor eating place.
from Open Table
Beautiful evening with fantastic food and excellent service. Our favorite outdoor eating place. Read More...

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Heard Around the House

Diane McLauglin, former Lindey's manager
"... at Lindey's, guests are having an event, even if they are going to or coming from another event. They're wearing pearls. They are ordering nice wine. They're at a table to enjoy the night - the babysitter knows they might be late." Read More...

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