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Sue Doody, Lindey’s founder, was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1934. She taught public school for several years, operated a small catering business, and conducted cooking classes in her home before opening Lindey’s in 1981 in the historic neighborhood of German Village.


A divorced mother of four children - without any professional training - Sue built Lindey’s into a Columbus, Ohio landmark in the dining scene over the next 43 years. In fact, since opening, Lindey’s has remained one of Columbus’ Top 10 Restaurants.


Sue’s passion for people and genuine hospitality have created an unmatched food experience in Columbus, Ohio. But the story doesn’t end there. The legacy continues on with her boys…

"From this day forward, every customer that comes within 10 feet of me, regardless of what I’m doing, in this house, I’m going to look him in the eye, I’m going to greet him with a ‘Good afternoon,’ or a ‘Good evening,’ or a ‘What can I do for you?"

- Sue Doody


For years, Sue and oldest son Rick entertained a running joke about the restaurant they would someday open. In 1981, Rick proposed they actually open a restaurant, and it was then that the building he had envisioned came up for sale. After years of dreaming, the adventure was underway.


Lindey’s was a veritable launch pad where Rick and Chris Doody began their restaurant careers. Sue nurtured and supported her sons as they later went on to create Bravo! Development Incorporated, one of the nation’s most successful restaurant groups.


Chris eventually went on to start the nationally known fast-casual Italian restaurant chain, Piada Italian Street Food, while Rick owns and operates his own restaurant company called NCR Ventures in Cleveland, OH.

“My mother has been very successful in the restaurant business because she cares more about people more than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. She takes time to connect with her guests and employees and is genuinely sincere and completely outwardly focused."

-Chris Doody

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